About Us


Are you searching for unique, innovative, and essential products for your kids? If YES, then you are at the right place. You can find all the awesome products packed in one box of joy that will be delivered straight to your doorstep. Customize your subscription boxes by adding products from feeding, playtime, travel, sleep, bath time, and books to cater to kids of different ages ranging from zero to five.

Kidlibox is a unique, home-based business that offering subscriptions box services for kids.

You can now fulfill your baby needs without stepping out of your home as our boxes include full-sized products that can be selected as per parents’ preferences. Our editorial team makes your life easier by researching and recommending the best-selling products, and you don’t have to scan oceans of product reviews.

Fill up your subscription boxes with everyday essentials right now!

We’ve combined samples of premium and emerging brands in this one-time box for the ease of new parents. So, enjoy every bit of your parenthood journey with Kidlibox.

Our Approach

Kidlibox came into establishment three years ago due to the reality and realization of overwhelming choices and excess information to new parents who are unsure of what they’re doing in the first place!

Three years back, when my partner and I discovered that we would be parents, we felt a roller coaster of emotions – elation, excitement, and worry. There were so many questions that popped into our minds, “How will we manage our schedule with a baby? What will be the needs of our baby? What products do we need the most when we carry a baby?

We observed how new parents spend extravagantly on products they might consider helpful but turns out it’s the opposite! And that’s where the idea of subscription boxed popped – as we like to call it, the box of joy, love, care – an essential box that parents and kids might need the most.

We introduced the idea of a subscription box that has all the necessary must-have baby items! We strive to combine all the products for kids aged zero to five in a single package that makes every parent’s lives easier, better, and happier!

So here we are: Kidlibox, the ultimate solution to your parenting problems. Parents would have the opportunity to choose products from different categories of feeding, playtime, travel, sleep, bath time, books and anything else.

Our goal is to help every parent feel confident with products carefully hand-picked to their simplest, purest purpose to be exactly what children need at each stage.

With time, we evolve to meet your needs as consumers, but our overarching goal remains the same: to help parents and little ones enjoy the early years by making life with young kids easier and more fun!

Time to forget all of your worries and give out your best as parents!

Kidlibox Subscription Boxes!

Delivering Happiness and Care, Anytime, Anywhere.

Are you thinking what’s exciting about the Kidlibox subscription boxes? The answer is, the opportunity to personalize boxes. Each box we made is crafted with love and affection.

Shop the exclusive subscription boxes, start by selecting items from each category of feeding, bath, play, sleep, books, travel and anything else.

We performed all the research, so you don’t have to!


Feed your baby all-natural snacks and ready-to-eat meals. Curate a feeding kit with exciting recipes, Give a yummy treat to your baby. Happy tummy, happy mummy!


Personalize your bathing box with kid-friendly bathing products. Transform the bath time blues into exploration and fun with our bath toys and products.


A happy sleep makes your child active all day. We offer all the essential bed-time items for parents and caregivers. A shining tomorrow begins tonight!


Let your little ones explore the world of their imagination. Find exciting travel-themed items, including stickers, maps, and much more.


Pick up a variety of items according to the seasonal themed topics. You can now add on gripping read books as well as hands-on activities for your baby.


Find a plethora of age appropriate toys that replicates your kid’s imaginations and interest. Get your hands on the most exciting toys to help your child’s development and make them happier than ever before.